Big Idea

I think I want to travel the world!  
That's right, the WORLD. 

What if you could travel any where in the world?  
Where would you go?  
Why would you go there?  
What would you most want to see?

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Soapbox Saturday - Time

I used to think that if I got somewhere early I would be WASTING time, not saving it.  Then I started finding things to do when I was early to an appointment.  It actually works out great and I'm able to get more done!

I love magazines.  All of the ideas and inspiration I consume with the pretty pictures and articles - love it!  But I never could find the time to read them, other than when I would take a relaxing bath once a week.  So I started keeping them in my car.  Perfect!

I absolutely love zeroing out my email inbox now.  The key is to keep unsubscribing to unwanted emails, NOT just deleting:)  I no longer have hundreds of emails in my inbox.  I try to keep it under 20.


This is something I picked up from my Mom and FlyLady.  Keeping wipes in my car helps me to do a quick clean of the interior and always have a spotless car.  Even more time to spare?  Stop in to fill up on gas, get a car wash, or vacuum off the floor mats.

Having trouble finding time to chat with a friend or family member?  Now is as good of a time as any.  So have a quick catch up session.  You will feel great that you 'checked in' and so will the receiver of your call.

Any other ideas??? I would love to add new tasks to my repertoire.

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MJ Concert

My hubby is the best!  Being the Michael Jackson fan that I am, he bought us tickets to see the Ultimate MJ Tribute Band, 'Who's Bad'.  I have to say, I've seen many impersonators, but these guys were so awesome!  They actually sang the songs - no lipsinking here!  Real singing, dancing, live band... Seriously, it was sooooo much fun!

There were two different singers.  
One was like the 'Bad' Michael and the other was the more 'Dangerous' Mike. 
 We all sang along, danced... it was fantastic!  I felt like a kid again.  What a blast!  Thanks to my super sweet Steven for always being so thoughtful. 

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Happy Earth Day

I love Earth Day!  There are sooooo many things that we can do to celebrate our Mother Earth today (and everyday), but to 'live lightly' is the one thing I am most focused on this year.  Getting rid of things we don't use and don't need has become our mantra.  I'm thankful that the hubs and I are on the same page with this too.  It would be very difficult to make any progress if one of us just couldn't let go of our stuff.  So we continue to edit our wardrobes, rid our basement and closets of housewares and furniture.   We just don't need it all!  It's liberating and you really do feel 'lighter'!  PLUS, I would much rather have the cash for a lot of these items we have just sitting around here.  Donating the rest is good feeling too!

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Soapbox Saturday - Food

Are we what we eat?  My take on food is this... Food = Fuel

Food for thought... I remember when I was forced to fill up my BMW on regular instead of the required premium gas because that was all that gas station offered.  No big deal right?  Wrong!  It was like my car was sick.  I noticed a decline in it's performance and swore I would never 'feed' it regular gas again.

The same seems true about the food that I give my body.  When I over indulge in processed foods, (basically anything not cooked from scratch with whole foods) I find an initial HIGH and then a fast decline in my performance as a human being.  I'm not as energetic, I'm not as happy, and I tend to feel a little foggy.

For the most part, the hubs and I eat fairly clean.  By that, I mean that most of our food is cooked from scratch and we TRY to stay away from anything that isn't natural.  But it's a challenge to stay healthy when you are constantly bombarded with food advertising every which way you turn.  90% of the time, it's the 'bad' foods that are knocking on your door too.  Little whispers like... "Don't you want this candy bar at the check out to eat on the way home in your car?" or  "Don't you want to try this new food or beverage that doesn't have any FAT or any Calories in it?"  Well, like a lot of things out there, I firmly believe you have to be more than intelligent about your food choices.  You have to be a downright investigator.  Question everything!!!

Documentaries really do a phenomenal job of explaining the issues at hand.  When I watched Food, Inc. it changed my life.  Having just watched Fed Up, it did the same thing.  It opened my eyes once again to the injustices we face as a society of human beings living in America.  But it definitely is a choice.

Check out 18 'Food, Inc.' Facts Everyone Should Know

Listen, I'm not one against having a burger and fries, indulging in a pizza, or even grabbing a fudge filled sundae.  Hot fudge with pecans is my personal fav - hold the cherry please ;)  But check the ingredients of stuff.  If you cannot pronounce it and don't know what the heck it is, don't buy it.  So when I do buy ice cream, I buy the stuff with sugar, eggs, cream, and milk.  95% of the ice cream out there has a TON of chemical ingredients.  No thanks!  So, yeah, I like pizza and ice cream, but I like the real deal ingredients and OVER indulging is something I find easier to manage when it's not 'fast' food.

Easy Swaps:
Organic Eggs
A chicken who is living the good life of being born organic, range free, and without hormones is a good egg :)

Natural Ice Cream
Soooooo much better tasting than any natural 'flavored' ice cream or custard.  Just don't eat the whole container!

Organic Butter
Even my brother noticed the difference while visiting.  Again, a cow that is born organic and eats a healthy diet without hormones is a happy cow... they don't just come from California.  Ha!  It's better tasting and better for you ;) 


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Standing Desk

Research has shown that sitting is extremely bad for us.  I mean HORRIBLE!  Don't believe me?
Check it out HERE.
So I was determined to try a standing desk.  I wanted to see if I would actually USE IT before I invested in one.  So I started by doing my daily work on my laptop in the kitchen. Let me tell you...  it will blow you away how out of shape your muscles have become from sitting at a desk all day.  Wow!  But it's awesome!  You start using your ab muscles more, stand up straigher, and (AHHH YESSS) you burn more calories.  Not to mention, you actually add years to your life too!  All by just standing on your own two feet, rather than sitting on your bum.
I'm so glad that I made this simple change to my daily life.  Before I purchased a 'real' standing desk, I thought I would see if there was a way to make one with something I had already owned.  So I found this old trade show booth table in our basement!  I was so excited because I knew it would work perfectly in the office.  I love it!
Here are some DIY options if you don't want to fork out a ton of cash to get your own standing desk;)

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After the big move, we took some time to catch our breaths.  By that, I mean we basically just stuck everything in the basement to deal with later.  After a few months of settling into our new home, we were ready to go through the basement.  I have to say, it was absolutely disgusting to me how much we had accumulated.  Not to mention how much money we had spent on all of it!!!!  The worst part was the realization that we had lived without any of it over the past year.  Especially my wardrobe.  So, technically, we really didn't 'need' 80% of it.  First, Steven built a storage unit shelf for us to store just the necessities.  You know, our off season gear, kitchen items not used daily, extra linens, etc.  A wise man told me that he just had one tote with personal items he couldn't part with.  That's it!  So each of us have one of those now.  It was important for both Steven and I to assess what things we really needed and why.  Letting go of the things you 'like' and don't necessarily 'love' seems essential to de-cluttering our lives.  I used to save everything, sometimes out of guilt or fear of regret.  The truth is, no one puts that guilt on you but yourself.  When you have loved and enjoyed something, but don't need it anymore, keep the memories close to your heart and move on from it.  So your friend gave you a vase, a cute one.  You used it, you loved it, but now you don't have a need or want for it anymore.  There is no shame or guilt in that.  Get rid of it!  Keeping something just because it was given to you by someone dear, doesn't give that item more value, you do.  Steve and I have slowly gone through each box and did one of three things...
1. Donated it.  2. Sold it.  or 3. Threw it away.  I sold over $900 of clothing on ebay (yes, that is after fees and shipping;)  This week, I'm entering 150 items into the Divine Consign Sale.  On a roll!  Pin It